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Lattice Girders

Lattice Girders

Codimetal Industries SA lattice girders are resistant elements made of steel wires welded by an electrical resistance welding process.

Each lattice girder consists of three or four longitudinal wires placed at the vertices of a triangle, these being joined by two other wires with a triangular waveform. The upper chord reinforcement may consist of two wires together, thus reinforcing the steel section to a maximum of ø16+ø12.

Applications :

Treliças- qualidade
Note About Quality

Lattice Girders​

The steel wires that constitute the welded lattice girder are previously approved. After the welding process tests are again carried out to determine the mechanical characteristics of the welded lattice girder. The quality control measures all the existing dimensions in the welded lattice girder such as length, base width, height and pitch, curvature, deflection and diameters involved. The sampling procedure covers the requirements of European Standards.